How To Feed A Starving Writer

United States
August 10, 2009 8:37am CST
Good Morning Everyone, Today is a good and I am grateful for all that I have. As a new writer, it feels good to embrace my passion to write. Writing brings me joy. I know there are new writers out there like myself who wish to pursue what they enjoy by writing online and is new to the entire concepts like me. We are doing our homework and networking, meeting new people, and making new friends. I wanted to start this topic in hopes that all of us new writers can come together and help each other out as well as to welcome the seasoned writers who can take us under their wings and show us the way. I am presently doing my homework and I am going to check out sites to see which are good and worth the time, and to find out which sites for making online are not so good. I want to contribute my findings with us new writers so we can all pursue our dreams, enjoy reading each others' writers, and to become friends. Does anyone out there have a good suggestions, or have found some site worth while?
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