Do you have enough sleep everyday

@wwkeen (247)
August 10, 2009 9:18am CST
I seem to like can not get enough sleep everyday. Although i sleep early let said 10-11pm but i still can not wake up in the early in the morning, and still want to sleep more cause me always goto work late.Do your guy have the same experience like me? Do share.
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@kenchobi (147)
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
I don't get enough sleep everyday because I can't sleep even I want to sleep early. I have insomnia problems sometimes and when I have, I just use my computer to browse the net or watch some series or movies until I really feel sleepy. In the past 3 weeks, I always sleep late like 3am or 4am in the morning then waking up 1pm - 3pm in the afternoon. Now, If I can't sleep I'm using mylot to spare some time.
@x_Jo_x (1041)
10 Aug 09
I usually always feel tired first thing in the morning. But then during the day i wake up and dont feel tired anymore, when night comes i still feel wide awake and end up staying up later than i should do! I find though, if i went to bed too early (like say, 11pm till 8am or something)I still struggle to get up. Sometimes i can got to bed at 2am and get up at 8am and feel less tired than if i went to bed earlier! Its crazy lol, maybe im just strange! But anyway, no i probably dont get enough sleep!
@erikmama (12929)
• United States
10 Aug 09
I have a problem falling asleep. Im usually awake til odd hours of the morning. But once I go to sleep I do not want to get up . I have slept 8 or 9 hours and still been grouchy when I had to get up!!