Just find it harder now...

@jugsjugs (13038)
August 10, 2009 3:27pm CST
To go out a strike up a conversation with people knowing most of them would rather be back stabbing you or one of your friends.I have been listening to a few people just lately and all they seem to do is enjoy making other people out to be something nasty and bad mouthing them.I just cant see why people have to be like this yet the next minuite they are having the person they have slagged of round and going out of their way to be nice to them.
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@webearn99 (1743)
• India
11 Aug 09
Most of us are like that. Even the smallest of the disagreements trigger a bout of bad mouthing. Life has become hectic and that leaves us with no time to understand what has been said and usually we come up with a defensive reaction of trying to put down other people. all this is instant, both said and forgotten. Actually it means nothing. We do it because we have to bicker, as it is a social ritual. Read no meaning into it as it is inane. Just be normal.
@merlinsorca (1122)
• United States
10 Aug 09
Yeah, it makes you feel unsafe with people like this, but you can't let it bring you down. I can't explain these people, but I the best thing to do is to go on with the conversation without worrying too much. Otherwise, you might become too paranoid...
@savypat (20245)
• United States
10 Aug 09
People who bad mouth others to you are very likely to do the same about you. I'd just drift away from those types of conversations and discourage them, if you are not a will listener pretty soon they won't include you in their damaging conversations.
• United States
10 Aug 09
Ug, those people are all about power and manipulation. Probably comes from low-self esteem and confidence, but that's no excuse. Unfortunately there are alot of people out there like this. You can't, however, let that stop you from making new friends. Because you just never know how they'll turn out. Not everyone back stabs, and if you treat everyone like you think they will back stab, you will miss out.