how can I grow my balance

@amibotea (168)
August 10, 2009 4:09pm CST
I play football and I want to have a lot body balance, how can I have?
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@Valenas (1509)
• United States
10 Aug 09
If you are wanting methods to improve your balance outside of football practice, I have a suggestion. Start off getting a medium-sized textbook and placing that on your head. Try standing there and balancing it. If it falls, put it back on and repeat the process. If you seem to be doing well the first day, just keep up with it the first day to improve your ability. Simply moving on doesn't always benefit you if you do not have a strong foundation in your practice first. The next step would be to move while balancing the book on your head. Start off on flat surfaces, and eventually move on to things such as walking up slight inclines, and climbing stairs. Movement, especially on uneven ground, can be tricky, but it is definitely good practice. Once you have the textbook concept down and well-practiced, try filling a glass with water and repeating the steps that you took with the textbook. I recommend wearing an outfit that you do not mind getting wet, as well as standing outside or in some area where spilled water wouldn't harm anything. I hope that this helps!