Do you think a homosexual Civil Union is the same as Marriage?

August 11, 2009 2:02pm CST
Here in England homsexuals have been able to enter into a civil union since 2005. They have the same rights as heterosexual couples. What are your view on this. Do you think it should be looked at in the same way as a marriage? Should homosexuals be able to enter into a civil union?
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11 Aug 09
I myself am a homosexual, I plan on marrying the girl I've been with for two years. I think homosexuals should be able to get married rather than have to enter into a civil union. What some people don't understand is that we are still people. Just because we like someone of the same gender doesn't make us any different. We breathe the same, we talk the same, we walk the same, we look the same. I bet on most homosexuals if you looked at them, you would hardly be able to notice. I believe that we should be allowed to enter into a civil union, because regardless of what gender it is we still love the person. We still want to spend the rest of our lives with this person. I think taking our rights away makes America itself a bigot. We are the land of the free, are we not? So why take rights away from someone who is slightly bit different. I think the people of the US cannot except anyone who is different than the societal norms and that is the problem we have.
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11 Aug 09
Yes i agree that for me the US discriminates incredibly against homosexuals. We are lucky here i the UK in that since 2005 cicil partnership has been legalised. I feel here attitudes are changing and people ae becoming more openminded. I wish you and your girlfriend lots of luck for the future!! thanks for the comment
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12 Aug 09
Yeah my family is finally starting to accept my girlfriend after two years.
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6 Sep 09
I think there should be an equal treatment of couples those united through a civil union and those through marriage. I believe the terminology stands alone as marriage is defined the union of a male to a female. I've taken the liberty of putting a link to this discussion in my blog and here I am putting a link from this discussion to my blog. Back To: Define Marriage
7 Sep 09
hey there. I agree with you, there reaaly should be no discrimination and civil partners should be treated and respected the same as a married couple regardless of gender. I just entered into a civil partnership with my female partner and it is obviously something we have been interested in. Luckily here in UK people seem to be quite open minded so have not come across any discrimination and the laws do give us the same rights. thanks for the comment, will check out the blog!
@mommyboo (13174)
• United States
29 Aug 09
Yep. They are the same thing and I don't understand the issues that anybody who disagrees has. Mostly I feel they are using discrimination in a rude way to try and promote inequality while claiming that that actually IS equality. Also people who have a problem with it always have to bring up morality. Love is love is love. Don't you want to marry the person YOU love? So does everybody else. And nobody else has any business telling any other person who they are allowed to love or involve in their life. The government ought to remember this little tidbit. I'm not sure who told them they have a right to know or interfere, but they sure think they do, don't they? Idiots.
@jb78000 (15139)
11 Aug 09
don't see why not.