what is the question???

August 11, 2009 3:02pm CST
so lets start an interesting game.one person pls provide a post containing an answer and the next person will have to guess the question???so this is a reverse quiz game.and the person to frame the question should give another answer whosw=e question is to be framed by the following replier.so lets start.....
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@clorissa123 (4930)
• United States
11 Aug 09
Gosh, we are trying to make serious money here, not intend to play some sort of mind game right now. I just don't have the mood for playing such guessing games. Why we can't just express the question we asked, and someone come along, and simply answer it. Simple and easy.
• India
11 Aug 09
okk then let it be your way then,ask a question and othrs will answer.and let that continue
@jb78000 (15163)
11 Aug 09
just to let you know as you're new, the guidelines here say no games like this so this discussion might be deleted.