How did you express your love towards your lover first?

@sudhibus (134)
August 11, 2009 10:29pm CST
Dear Lotters, All will have different experience in expressing their love for their heart throbs. If you would like to share your first and valuable experience please do. I was after a girl, who was my college mate and made sure that she doesn't love anybody else. Made a good friendship with her, impressed her with my wits and jokes and finally I send an SMS, saying that I love her most than anything in the world. First she hesitated, but slowly after my frequent completion she too started loving me.....
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@tuni902 (483)
• India
12 Aug 09
Hi dear friend, I was in love with one of my classmates,when I was in my school.We were best friends at that time.Unknowingly,when the friendship converted to attraction and attraction converted to love,I could not recognize even what happened to me.But the thing I knew was I loved him and simply love him so much that my world was just confined within my feelings towards him and my love towards him.I have tried a lot of times to express my love to the one I loved but frankly speaking dear,expressing your love for the first time is not so easy.And as a girl,I always expected him to propose me.But he might be expecting the same from me,so finally once in the annual day of our school,we found a chance to express our feelings and proposed each other.It is one of the best moments,which I can never forget. Keep Smiling and Happy myLotting...
@sudhibus (134)
• Kuwait
12 Aug 09
hi.. tuni.... how sweet your experience is. After reading your posting, I could feel your anxiety, the tension you had when you and your lover expressed your affection towards each other.
• United States
12 Aug 09
He told me first, over the phone.
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