Nikon or Canon, what is better?

@kidjuwee (612)
August 12, 2009 2:08am CST
I like to know what is better to use based on your experiences. I have not own a Canon camera , but I have tried using one. I own a Nikon camera but I would like to see suggestions on why and what you think is better when it comes to ease of use , functionality, quality and durability.
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@gavenxie (13)
• China
22 Aug 09
Oh!I feel very happy to see this discussion.I'm expert at photography and now I use a Canon DSLR camera.And I can tell you Nikon or Canon has the same quality,they can offer you the image of high quality,superior performance.Nikon is good at taking pictures of scenery,and Canon is good at taking pictures of people.It's all depend on your need.Although I perfer to use Canon because I choose to use it at first,I can't deny Nikon is one of the best camera brand in the world.I hope you can enjoy your life with your valuable camera every day,use it to record the wonderful time in your daily life.
• Australia
17 Sep 09
I am a photographer with several professional qualifications and more than 50 years experience. It amuses me to hear someone describe themselves as "expert at photography", then suggest that Nikon is good at scenery and Canon at taking people as though you can actually differentiate all 19 Nikon compacts and 10 DSLRs from the 29 compacts and 10 SLRs in the Canon range like this? Forgive me for stating the obvious, but nobody I ever met could look at a photo and tell me if it was taken with a Canon or a Nikon. Surely you don't mean that all the portrait photographers and wedding photographers and street photographers and journalists who have chosen Nikon cameras should throw them away and buy Canons? Or that the thousand of landscape and nature photographers with Canon cameras got it wrong and should trade in their gear for Nikons?
• Australia
17 Sep 09
Each of these companies makes many, many different cameras. To ask whether a Canon or a Nikon would be better for you means nothing: what kind of camera are you looking at, in what price range, and for what kind of photography? If someone with a Canon 450D told you it was an entry level camera, and a Nikon Coolpix user said his camera was the best in its class, which would you choose? No matter what kind of photographs you wanted to take, the 450D would outperform the Coolpix. One is an SLR, the other a compact, and they are like chalk and cheese! But does that mean Canon is the better make? No, of course not. You should have compared the 450D with a D60, not a Coolpix; or the Nikon Coolpix with an equivalent Canon Sureshot. So, before you worry about what brand, try to sort out which of the 4 main types of camera will be most appropriate, then check out the offerings from each of the main suppliers to be sure they have the specifications to meet your needs. Finally, handle the cameras on your short list: the same camera can be perfect for one photographer and a source of endless frustration to another, regardless of brand.
• Malaysia
28 Aug 09
for me, nikon and canon have the same level of perfection. they have their own quality and standard. from my experience using DSLR, nikon DSLR is more user friendly due to the arrangement of its button. but then, its it up to you to decide, which system you want to use.