What's In A Game

August 12, 2009 3:56am CST
Since the ever-increasing popularity of the internet, online-games have stolen the spotlight in not just gaming conventions but also more traditional business functions. Its now seen as a communications medium, business model and lifestyle enhancer (sometimes focus) all in one, 3-in-1 if you will. As niche after niche of the gaming industry gathers loyal following we see more and more avid gamers 'born' everyday. So what is it that makes games so enjoyable and addictive? As a gamer or game enthusiast, you probably have your answers for this. Whatever it is, i thought I'd help out by outlining 3 of the more common ones: GAMEPLAY Gameplay is at most times mystical, not to mention mythical, we all know what it is, though we can't seem to finger it. Is it the suspense of finding out whats round the corner, or the euphoria of obtaining rare and exotic game items? Well, I guess game content and interaction arrange so as to be enjoyable should not be far from the truth. VIDEO and AUDIO I know it's usually arranged 'Audio & Video', but then again we all know most times video means more than audio, but both are important for a good game. In fact, some of us won't even touch a game that doesn't at least pass a minimum standard of graphics and sound, even if its just a text based browser game. So what's your take on this, how important is AV to you? COMMUNITY Something special to online games. Gamers and companies are paying more and more attention to this particular aspect of games. In fact, fostering a suitable gamer community can make or break some games. It's not just important, its omnipotent. I'm sure there are plenty more aspects to take into account, so permit me to ask, What's the caffeine in your game?
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