do you choose what you eat?

@pyre82 (103)
August 12, 2009 9:27am CST
for the past years i eat any food that i want but a few months ago the doctor gave me list of healthy foods that i should eat coz my skin gets irritated or showed allergic reactions for the food i ate. so right now i try to be concious of what i eat. how about you? can you control foods that satisfy your cravings rather than healthy foods?
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• Indonesia
13 Aug 09
Yes, I choose what I eat. Junk foods are the one the I usually avoid. I just eat it 1 or 2 times in a month. Sometimes I don't even eat it in a month. I like house-cooked food. It's more healthy. But in my place, it's a little hard to find house-cooked food. Oh, I remembered when I still had my mom. Her cook always tasted delicious and of course always healthy food. I am not allergic to any kind of food. I can eat any kind of food. But there is some food I don't like such as fried frog. It's disgusting even though people said it's delicious.
• Philippines
13 Aug 09
Hi there pyre82! I don't pick what I eat. I mean I am not that picky in the foods I am eating. I just make sure it is clean and of course it is healthy in one way or another. It was a year ago that I get to make a restriction on my diet as it is needed for me to lose weight. I cut off beef and eat pork meat seldom. Since I got not allergies with foods, I eat anything. That's a good thing. I am lucky I got no food allergies unlike other people who are very prone to food allergies.
• India
12 Aug 09
hi dear friend for me my mom will choose the food what i have to take because she knows what i like and also what is good for health so why i should bother hmm have a nice day dear