What do or will you do?

United States
August 12, 2009 11:08am CST
Do you smile at someone when you meet them and whisper a prayer for their situation? You never now what is going on inside that person or in ther lives. Your smile make be the only one they see today. Your prayer may be what they need to take the next step in their life. What do you do when you hear an ambulance or police car? Do you whisper a prayer for those involved? How about for the family? If you see a funeral procession? Do you whisper a prayer for that family and their hurt during this time? I think this is a great practice to do. You never know what your smile and small prayer may mean to their lives. Let's try to make this a habit in our daily walk. God bless you and I am whispering a prayer for each one of you that read this.
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• Indonesia
25 Sep 09
Yes, every time I see a suffering person, tears come to my eyes and I will pray for them no matter who they are. There's many suffering people displaying on television almost everyday ( orphan, helpless kids, old people who can't help themselves, victims etc ), I can't do anything for them or soothing their pain. What I can do is pray and pray to God for help. Once I see an old beggar, she is blind and weak, sitting there asking for money. Although I know that she isn't alone, there's a woman close to her manage all this, but I still gave her money. She remind me to my mother, with this old age, she shouldn't be on the street and begging for pity. I can't help my eyes foggy with tears and still pray for her until know, I wish the best from God for her.
@sameeric (13)
• China
22 Sep 09
No,I didn't.My eyes always on the problem about myself,but I will try it.
@I_LUV_U (2519)
• India
12 Aug 09
To be honest, I don't. It's not like I don't want to, but I'm not that emotional or sensitive a person, mainly due to the fact that I have my own botherations to the brim. Maybe I could induct in a practice of praying for all the distressed collectively, everyday, rather than on individual confrontations. It gets more feasible that way. Thank you for the prayers, it is my wish too to see everyone around happy and smiling.