Name your top 10 movies of the decade!

August 12, 2009 12:47pm CST
This decade is almost over! Although my pick may be changed after seeing James Cameron's Avatar, Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones, Rob Marshall's Nine which will be released in end of the year, but pretty much I already sum up what is my favorite movie of this decade. Here is MY LIST 1. LOTR trilogy - I consider it as a movie, pretty much define what this decade is all about : great technology enhancement in visual effects (plus great story too!) 2. Moulin Rouge! - crazy, splendid, great songs, great visuals! 3. The Dark Knight - the best comic adaptation...ever! 4. Big Fish - Love the fantasy, love the heartbreaking story 5. The Mist - A Great Thriller, crazy ending, crazy characters 6. The Orphanage - A great horror movie, it does not have to scare you to death, but it will surely creeps you out 7. Transformers - nothing feels better than watching our toys coming into live action, I enjoy every action scene! 8. Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Although many people thinks it is overrated, it teach me a lesson of life - which is....the life itself 9. Wall - E - my favorite from Pixar to date, example of a movie which did not put too much dialogue to make it great. 10. Big Momma's House - I know you maybe not agree with me, but I laughed so hard everytime I watch this movie..For me, it's very funny to see Martin dressed in a fat suit and pretending to be Big Momma So what's your pick?? Share it here!
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12 Aug 09
Here's my pick from this decade so far. They are in no particular order other than the way I thought of them. Likewise there may be a couple of changes before this year is out. Million Dollar Baby – it surprised me with the fact Hilary Swank can actually act Zodiac – it kept me on the edge of my seat for it’s entire 158 minute duration Iron Man – because this is what super hero movies should be – fun Brokeback Mountain – beneath all the controversy it is an amazing love story Pan’s Labyrinth – because it is seriously out there and unforgettable The Aviator – as biopics go it seems to shun away from too many stereotypical faults that others tend to have The Pursuit of Happyness – purely because many elements of the story I can relate to due to personal experiences, plus it is an amazingly well acted movie The 40 Year Old Virgin - it may be crass in places but it is bl##dy funny Howl's Moving Castle - it introduced me to the world of Hayao Miyazaki and have been a fan ever since Under the Tuscan Sun - it may be cliche and predictable but I just love it and we should all love one film just for the hell of it.
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15 Aug 09
1. 4 weeks 3 months 2 days 2. school of rock 3. the dark knight 4. ratatouille 5. moulin rouge 6. minority report 7. the messenger 8. the departed 9. y tu mama tambien 10. bowling for columbine/sicko