a real realtionship

United States
August 12, 2009 6:42pm CST
I have been going to church on and off for the best few years I had a area in my life where I was ALWAYS down on MYSELF! I thought that I was no GOOD and this HORRIBLE PERSON..But in the last 8 months Ive been going to church and getting mine and my daughters life WHERE God wants it to be!! Listening to HIM and not to MAN!! I am becoming CLOSER to GOD and his son JESUS CHRIST whom LIVES in me despite things I may Have done in my LIFE!! I have rededicated my life to HIM and I am doing my BEST to live my LIFE ACCORDING to HIS WILL and NOT MINE!! I know that there are some areas in my life which God isn't PLEASED with but he is working on those areas and showing me how and which way to go. So I'm ENJOYING this new FOUND REAL REALTIONSHIP with CHRIST!! I read a scriptire last night before going to bed and it was form the book of Matthews that says to LOVE your ENEMIES!! I was gald to have opened to that chapter and prayed before and after reading and asking for an understanding of what I was reading.. So I shall keep listening for my answer and TRUSTING in GOD!! For I know he i the REASON I WAKE UP in the MORNING and can see and use ALL my SENSES!! So I'm VERY thankful for this NEW REALtionship!!!
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