How do I learn Phrasal Verbs?

@diamania (7028)
August 12, 2009 7:12pm CST
Hi there, I see learning English as a privilege but since English education in Holland does not meet my needs I still have problems with things such as Phrasal Verbs as well as pronunciation. Anyway, I would like to focus on phrasal verbs now. Do you have tips for me on learning phrasal verbs and other English idioms? I am awaiting your responses.
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@jb78000 (15163)
13 Aug 09
everybody learning english has problems with phrasal verbs (they exist solely to annoy language learners) - even when you're very fluent. don't try to learn lots at once or you'll get confused because they are so similar. maybe just look up each one as you come across it[there you go, there's two]. that also means you will probably learn the more common ones first. and each one's most common meaning. alternatively you could insist that anyone you speak or write to uses proper verbs...
@DawGwath (1042)
• Romania
13 Aug 09
I don't think there's actually any method of studying this stuff other than just conversation with English speaking people or reading books written in English, which is what I actually recommend. I remember reading a book on grammar, but I don't recall these "phrasal verbs" being mentioned. So unless you really have nothing better to do than take an idiom dictionary and read it A to Z, then I say you shouldn't worry about them, because they're a part of a language you learn in time, by conversation and cultural studies. Just my two cents . (oh look, I used an idom! )