How well do you know your wife/partner

@sammy14 (834)
August 13, 2009 4:38am CST
Do you see strange things on your wife/partner now that you have been living together for almost five years! What I mean is that other things which she does now where before deciding to live together these were not present. Do you think that you have known all things good or bad about her or that she already revealed everything to you. And now that begin to see it and is now coming out are you now having second thoughts about living with her or marrying her... Is this right to think about... Is this thought normal.. Is this what you call fatigue... Im just asking...
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• United States
20 Aug 09
This is kind of how I feel about my husband as well. I thought I knew him very well, and I guess I do, but he has changed alot since before we got married, and at times I feel like he can be a stranger to me. And vice versa. I even tell him that, and hes like no, I know everything about you. And I ask him a simple question about myself and he doesnt know the answer. *sigh*
@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
14 Aug 09
I guess I did not sign up for a lot of what I discovered after I married my husband. He was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder on our first wedding anniversary which sure explained the strange behaviour up until then! It has been an emotional roller coaster for six years until we found the right doctor who administered the correct medication and things are under some kind of control now. It has been a very difficult situation which included psychotic episodes and hospital stays but I am glad now that I stuck it out although at the time I was not so sure I could! My point is that you never do know what life has in store for you and you cannot always predict what is going to happen. If you have trust, commitment and good communication chances are you will get through almost anything together.
@dlr297 (5418)
• United States
13 Aug 09
I guess that it is something to think about, but you also have to remember that people change over the years, and it is good to keep communications open, if you are living with someone or married why do you not just ask whats going on instead of just wondering about it.
@vinay316 (301)
• India
13 Aug 09
I think trust is much more important in a relationship than anything else. Trust helps you overlook bad things and see only good things in your life partner.