How to transfer the new client?

August 13, 2009 9:01am CST
I have a new custom.But as I am very busy in the month.One of my colleague is very free,as her custom had a 15 days holidays. So I transfer a new client to her.And she would follow the new sample order.There is so many detail need to confirm with the clients. She sent two mails,but no reply.(The mail had CC to me) So I try to sent one to the client,CC to her.The client reply me immediately. We would cofirm one more detail,she sent to the client.No reply.The client only reply me that:"I am sending replies to you and XX about the same things over and over again.Could you please co-ordinate with XX as for my replies to your emails.For your questions,I will soon sent you all the answers." How to deal with?I think this is a very value client,but I could not in charge of all the work for myself.
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