fisning as a hobby

fishing hobby - Fishing is a time consuming as well as a concentrating and a way to reduce one's blood pressure are the some good sides associates with fishing.
August 13, 2009 9:24pm CST
There are different kinds of fishing. You can fish for sport if you want. You can catch fish and throw them back. You can catch fish to eat. In order to start your fishing hobby you need to have the proper supplies off, some know how and good company. There are different styles of fishing and each one uses different kinds of equipment. There is bait casting, spinning, pole and line, spin casting, and flyfishing. You need to choose between different types of poles, rods, hooks, and bait. Depending on what type of water you will be in, saltwater, freshwater, or ice you will choose a pole with different types of reels and line spools. Depending on what type of fish that you will be catching, you have to choose from a variety of hook sizes. You also can choose between various kinds of sinkers and bobbers, to keep your linesteady in the water so the fish aren't startled away. If you are going to fish at a specific location and don't know what fish you are looking for, it can make it more difficult to catch the fish. Using certain types of bait will attract certain types of fish. You should learn which fish are to be found in the particular water,where you will be fishing in and what kind of bait the fishes will respond to. There are also different lures available. A lure is what a person uses to get the attention of the fish and not scaring it away, but drawing it closer. There's a lot to be learned about fishing. Before you go fishing, you should find out the legal place where you would like to fish,whether that place allows fishing or not. Sometimes, you might be required to show your fishing license in order to be permitted to fish. You should take an expert along with you to help you learn the skills and local regulations. very good idea to bring a partner along with you just in case something goes wrong. Even though fishing itself is not a dangerous sport, there are some mishaps that may occure. Pack a first aid kit, and always wear a personal floatation device. If you are wading, you need to know how deep the water is and you should wear long boots and protective pants. Fishing is a fun; way to kick back and enjoy yourself. Sometimes you can even caste your line, and set it down and read a book, or tap a nap. When there is a nibble, it will be sure to get your attention. You can catch a whole new hobby, hook, line and sinker! Not only that the hobby of fishing can be very rewarding and good means of exercise too, this hobby can also be a great help to practice good stewardship of our sea, lakes, rivers and other waterways where fishes live. The thing is, if one does not care of the water-bodies, means no more fishing and this wonderful hobby would soon be futile, recalling that this awesome outdoor kind of recreation goes back to the time of our early ancestors for about 10,000 years ago. For some safety fishing, experts suggest that, when fishing with a boat, one should always wear a life jacket, always with caution in putting the bait or removing the hooks, remember not to fish on off limits waterways, and, lastly, to bring along some safety precautions such as medicine kit, water, flashlights, maps and a mobile phone.
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14 Aug 09
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I haven't done much fishing myself. But I was able to do some fishing at a local beach and once in a country club. I guess you need loads of patience to have this as a hobby. During the beach gig, I just had an improvised fishing rod - a pole, some string, a hook, and some bread. LOL. I also attached the picture of the country club. Well, needless to say, fish there were just "planted" so you are bound to catch one unlike when we were doing fishing in the beach...