Ladies, if I say ...I love you .. what you think and what are you doing ?

@advokatku (4036)
August 14, 2009 4:48am CST
for ladies, Once I said, for ladies ... If I say .. I love you, what you think and what are you doing .... said me 'crazy" and then remove my name from list your friend or said, "I love you too, but you not my male Idol" .....
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@eLsMarie (4348)
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
actually it depends if i feel the way for the guy or not. i would be very happy if the person i loved is also in love with me... if it happens that there's somebody who's in love with me that i don't seem to like then i wouldn't show to him that i don't like him, i'll just offer him my friendship instead. :)
@jaiho2009 (38988)
• Philippines
14 Aug 09
Hello friend, Saying " i love you"...i would rather think that you just wanted to flirt.Not necessarily delete you from my list,but will ask you what do you really mean.Becoz saying i love you had a lot of meaning.Could be i love you to a friend,but since we are not that close,i may think you are teasing me or testing my personality. Even if you really meant it from your heart that you love would be unbelievable for me since we haven't known each other for long. But,it's your freewill...there are people who were so vocal with what they feel. And there are people who just want to have fun with the word " i love you " To what category you belong...the,it's only you who knew your real intentions.
@rosepedal64 (4191)
• United States
14 Aug 09
To say that "I Love You" can be meant in all different ways. You are dating someone and you tell them that you love them. You made a new friend and you tell them that you love them. You are active in your church and you tell some of your peers that you love them. In other words, the word love can be taken in many different ways and with many different reasons. I would not think you would be crazy if after you got to know me to say you love me,because I would take that as a friendsip love.
@ejiskolo (78)
• Nigeria
14 Aug 09
With the advent of dating site online, so many guys have cultivated the habit of saying I love you without really meaning it. To them, it is a normal thing like a normal pleasantries, I also have cultivated the habit of saying "I love you too". I believe love is better expressed than confessed. If a guy loves me he will prove it. Dear ladies in the house don't carry away by the word "I love you".
• Philippines
14 Aug 09
if you were in my mylot friends' list and we are pretty close... i'd say... "thank you, but don't say it again". then we'll laugh about it because i knew you were just kidding me. and then we'll forget about it or make it a personal joke from time to time. if you were in my list and we're not even that close or familiar with each other... i'd say... "thank you, but i think you're nuts. don't do it again.". then if you don't explain, i might delete you in my list. if we don't even know each other, i'll just totally ignore you. -lol- selamat malam pak. (good evening.)
@pushkin69 (546)
14 Aug 09
If a strange said that he/she loved me I may think this was a little strange and I would not be comfortable with this at all! We should only reserve saying I love you to those people we have a genuine connection and feelings for. I am not sure it is possible to have such feelings for a stranger. You can however feel 'lust' for a stranger! If someone said it to me I would ask them to not say it again and respect how I feel.
• Malaysia
14 Aug 09
Yeah, I might say you crazy, but still remain as your Cheers!
@kezabelle (2980)
14 Aug 09
Do you mean then if you said I love you to a complete stranger? I would have to say I think you are a little crazy and probably ask you not to keep saying it as lets face it it is not really approriate and would kind of make a mockery of the workds I love you dont you think?