DOGs are starting to annoy me

@jaizhi (260)
August 14, 2009 5:30am CST
My Dogs are noy 2years old. And it is starting to annoy me when they wont stop barking at people super early in the morning... they will back at anyone and anything. Cats, Butterflies, Birds and specially poeple that are just passing by the street. They just wont stop... even in the middle of the night. I just can't take the noise anymore. I am pregnant and at night its hard for me to get good reat because of the baby moving actively in my tummy. So when I get my sleep I dont want to be disturbed by a barking dogs out of nothing... Worst is they would even cry at night when they feel like it. I just cant help getting iritated. I am starting to think of giving them away specially when the baby is already out. I dont want them disturbing my baby's sleep.
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@E3carter (21)
• Australia
14 Aug 09
I've seen this problem on a T.V show once and the answer was a form of collar that releases a scent that dogs dislike each time it barks, so if you purchase one of those you could have a silent dog but then i guess it would never bark again from fear of the scent.