The Big Brother Plot Thickens!!!!!

United States
August 14, 2009 2:09pm CST
Yesterday's Big Brother Show was the best of the season so far! Jeff stood up and used his secret power! He took Lydia off and put Natalie up.. and took Russell off and put Jessie up!! I know, from being in the Big Brother chats that A LOT of people were hoping to see Jessie go home... and honestly he deserved to leave the most. And He Did! Jessie is gone! Right after he left- the HoH Comp started and Michelle ending up winning!! Wooot Congrats to Michelle!! After the show last night Natalie and Chima were really upset and got real drunk. Great Entertainment Indeed. Kevin talked to Michelle to remind her that he's an honest player and respects any decision she makes at this point. Russell and Michelle spent some good quality time in the HoH room talking about lots of things... and it seems like they've made a Final Two agreement now. I think that is probably Russell's only fighting chance, and I even think that it would be Michelle's best alliance too. Everyone besides Michelle and Russell has a partner in the game... so it makes sense (even though Russ has said some nasty things to and about Michelle) for them to pair up and hope for Final Two. Do I think Russell deserves to be in the Final Two? HECK NO! I really really hope that Jeff and Jordan find a way to pull through and stick it out all the way to the end. That would be the best case scenario for this season. Jordan would probably take first place, because she's been so quiet and sweet all season. A few people who would be in the jury house would have strong hatred towards Jeff, so Jordan would probably get first place. But anyway that is a BIG if at this point. I just hope that's how it goes! Next Thursday is going to be a double eviction, and absolutely ANYTHING could happen. I'm guessing that this week Michelle will put up Chima and Natalie. Whoever wins POV probably won't use it, unless it's Chima or Nat obviously. If one of them came down, then probably Lydia would go up in their place. THEN when one of those three is out... the new HoH comp will happen. I'm going to guess that Jordan wins the next HoH. Jordan would probably put up the two left out of Chima, Nat, and Lydia. I'm guessing that when this is all done it will be Natalie left at the end of the next Thursday. So basically I'm predicting that Chima and Lydia will be going home on Thursday night. If I'm right- then I really need a life because I'm spending way too much time watching Big Brother live feeds. LOL. But for now I'm really happen that Jessie is gone and Russell got to stay for now!
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