Sad Story Of My Lovebirds

August 15, 2009 1:39am CST
Hi! I had lovebirds. I started with one pair. After 3 years i had 20 of them in different colors. They used to make so much noise that woke me up in the morning. If i came home after worked, they were calling me and was like they were singing and very happy to see me. To make it short, they were happy to have me and i was happy to have them. They were beautiful. Until one morning, i woke up and was so quite..i thought to myself "wow! they are well behave this morning" so i came out and check if they were alright. To my surprised! I saw my lovebirds in bits and pieces and a big black cat inside the cage trying to catch the one last bird inside it's nest. As soon as the cat saw me, he run away ever so quick and left me with my most favorite lovebird the skyblue colored body with white wings...that i had to let it go. I was so hurt that i wanted to cry kick and scream! I dont know when can i ever start breeding lovebirds again. P.S use the metal screen and never used green plastic screen coz they wont last and easy for the cat to get in....was a big mistake for me!
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@DATEAM (27)
• Malta
20 Aug 09
I used to breed lovebirds some years ago. I was also a member of the They are beautiful birds however they can be very cruel, cannot be kept in aviary with other birds and often with same members of the Agapornis family. That is why I stopped breeding these birds. Nowadays I prefer to breed canaries and finches.
• Philippines
21 Aug 09
Yes they are very cruel, they kill each other and kill the newly hatched babies for some reasons...but i dont have them now and i miss them so much!