have worked for 3days, sth to share

August 15, 2009 3:21am CST
hello friends, I have worked for 3days, haha, it's not a long time, is it? but the three days is really not easy, actually it's really hard. the traffic is bad. the work is full of pressure, the content of work is not that interesting, but after all, I am working. the new company provides a higher salary than my previous one, while they told me they would only pay me by the end of the next month, so I still have no income right now, I am thinking about lending money from my parents again, it may sounds embrassing, but maybe it is the best way to pull myself out of the difficult, thank godness I have god a good parents. my new job cosists of three parts: calling customers, writing English reports and translating them into Chinese. We have to deal with those professionals and pretend to be one of them, although we konw only a little. After a number of calls, we need to analysis the market and make predictions about it. the hardest one is call those people, some of them are busy, some of them do not answer the call, some of them power off, some refuses to talk, others like to talk with you but only want to get sth from you, if I have worked on this job for 3 or 5 years, I can exchange some information with them and I surely would have lots of friends in this aspects, but now I am just a layman and I have to pretent that I konw much more than them, it sounds like cheating, but this is work, this is life. As to the writing and translatig part, boz I have worked as editors before, it seems not difficult for me, but can a layman make the right prediction or analysis? god knows. It seems the economy is really not good, but the situation may be better than thought, as in China most people say the crisis have passed and we are recovering(although slowly),the globalization brought the financial crisis to the world, and I believe it will also bring the prosperous back. my last discussion received lots of replies, someone said congratulations, some shared their own tough experience and situations, I really did not know there are so many people in this world who are struggling like me.Whatever, history has to be made.god bless those people who had been laid off, god bless the world.
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