How can i enjoy my own life without the other person?

August 15, 2009 5:59am CST
I have a lot of friends but i did not see the the true meaning of life?
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@Archie0 (5136)
15 Aug 09
When you love yourself, when you love being yourself you dont need the world to entertain you.We all are alone even after so many people around us.Sometimes we got the whole world around us but still we feel some emptiness within us, all you need to do is do what you like, be what you are and feel what you want to. Dont think of the world what it thinks because the world definetly will.If you are going to live for the world's decision then you have to stop thining about your happiness and sorrows :)
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@sybil02 (185)
• Philippines
15 Aug 09
I totally agree with these response, It's really about yourself. It doesn't matter how the world try to pick on you, what matters is in your heart's desire, the feeling of happiness and so on. The world will never stop doing that, but if you believe in something and you stick to it, then nothing can tear you apart. my one cent
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
23 Sep 09
Hey, For some of the time, we just cannot really enjoy our own lives without the other person. I also think that many friends that I have, aren't really true friends, because they never keep secrets I tell them. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@lordz00 (20)
19 Aug 09
the true meaning life can only be seen if you have found the essence of your self, when you know what you want and you know what to do, it will bring you success and satisfaction to your self. happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have. having everything doesn't make any sense to you if theyre not what you want. i suggest you should start asking your self, what do you really want, stop thinking of what people wants, or being blinded to the fact that if you are single it means you are miserable. people have different needs and you are the only one who can find out what exactly it is, and then go and find it.
@jaiho2009 (38988)
• Philippines
15 Aug 09
Maybe you have high expectations from person around you that makes you feel empty. Sometimes we need to search ourselves,what are the reasons of our sadness? We should appreciate things in life even the simplest form. The corny jokes and little gifts we thought worthless,we have to appreciate them,in order to feel the real essence of happiness. Try to do some good to other people,participate charity works. You will see the other face of life mingling with homeless kids,orphans,aged people who needs care. Join any medical mission,be a will realised that life has more meaning when we help other in our little own way. Cheers and have a great weekend
• United States
15 Aug 09
Sometimes, you need a partner, or spouse in life, for your life to be complete. Maybe, that is what you are needing, a partner, to share your life with.