Need a business partner in America

South Africa
August 15, 2009 9:49am CST
my lotters ,I need a business partner who stays in America.Some-one who can deliver prada,gucci, loui vuittion,Reebok, the Latest playstations, The WORKS !!! Im in South Africa, and I have a small client base, enough to pay you half to purchase my products and to ship them over.Than half once I receive the shipment.I need some-one whos HONEST and I WANT THE REAL prada, and products ...My clients are rich and Like the American culture...Its a small business,as Im just starting it ,but I need an Individual WHO CAN DO THE WORK !! Of course if we do this well, we could be looking at BIGGER shipments. So,please let me know if your intersted in export ,import.Than Il send you my particulars and we'll get started.Ps -Im looking for some-one whos seriously intersted in business, HONEST,reliable and some-one with GUTS as we'll be starting some-thing that HAS a HUGE potential to GROW !!
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