are you enjoying your life ?

@dengyl (59)
August 15, 2009 9:53am CST
Life is mysterious.Sometimes , we even don't know what is in store for us.But we should remember it that life is a kind of attitude .I believe that if we all treat life in an positive way, you will find that life is beautiful.You may come cross many difficulties , but you can also enjoy your life .
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@bingchen (1126)
• China
15 Aug 09
life is full of kinds of colours,it could not express with words,maybe you said how to enjoy your life,i found i share the smells of life,it is like a condiment,you can share the all kinds of flavour,although what happened in my life,i still talk to myself and adhere to do something everyday,i must pay attention to my life and have bravery to face my life,because we are young and have good future to realize,enjoying life and believeing life become more better.
@Archie0 (4992)
15 Aug 09
I enjoy living. I like to keep things relaxed and do people watching. People do the funniest things. I went to the Roman Baths recently and it was like being in stereo type cast town. The japanese visitors were talking lots of pictures, the english were pretending not to be tourists. The Americans were just terribly impressed my it all, but they had bigger at home. Life is wonderful when you remember to take a step back.
@versio9 (329)
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
i am currently hard up and always worried because of money matters. yet i cannot deny that i enjoy life. however, i can only see pain and suffering so much outside. many people are more unfortunate than i am. yes, i can enjoy my life but what about them who are less privileged? i say that you cannot enjoy your life unless you help others.
@mickly08 (769)
• China
16 Aug 09
No.If I want to enjoy my life ,I think I have a lot thing undone.The life is constant changeable no matter you like it or not.You are right.Enjoy life is a positive way to all of us .I would try my best to enjoy my life.Thanks!