How do you liek your steak?

@lynnemg (4538)
United States
August 15, 2009 12:32pm CST
Yesterday, I bought some nice T-bone steaks to cook for my family today. I will marinade them for a while then cook them on the grill. We all like our steak done, but still tender and juicy, not bloody or too pink on the inside. When I was cooking in a restaraunt years ago, I cooked several steaks in many different ways. I think that the one way that made me uncomfortable was to cook them rare. AS a matter of fact, where I was living, if someone ordered any meat rare or even medium rare, we had to verbally inform them of the possible risks of eating meat that way. before we could serve it to them. My questiopn is, how do you all like your steak cooked? If you are in a restaurant, do you order it differently than you would cook it yourself at home?
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22 Aug 09
I used to like it well done but as I grew older my taste buds changed and there is nothing I like more now than a ribeye steak cooked medium rare, it really depends where I go to how I order my steak and also how much it costs, if I am going to a place with my kids its usually for a quick meal and a cheap one too and i am sorry to say the staff in the kitchen in places like that couldn't cook a steak if their life depended on it, I usually have to ask for it rare to get it medium rare, but I was in for a shock when I asked for it rare once, the one side of it actually came out rare but the other side of it was blue, now I can eat it rare but please I would rather my steak wasn't still mooing lol
@dragon54u (31645)
• United States
16 Aug 09
I like it with no pinkness but not overcooked. I can never get a restaurant to cook it that way! My dad, step mom, sister and I went to Tumbleweeds last week and their cook did a good job on my steak since I decided to try to explain it to the server. My step mom, though, had to send hers back twice and it came out well done instead of medium well so the manager took it off our bill. How nice of him! At that restaurant the server will repeat your order and tell you what it will look like, which is also posted the menu: slightly pink inside, etc.
• United States
16 Aug 09
I like cooking it medium raw. I would still order my steak like that when I'm at a restaurant. The meat looks like cooked meat but there is still a little blood. The blood doesn't bother me that much since the steak tastes great.
@mikeyo105 (125)
• Hong Kong
15 Aug 09
Yeah they do that at many places in the U.S. because they don't wanna take any risks or get sued if you fall sick eating uncooked beef from their restaurant.. although however i feel like with really classy and high end restaurants they're probably confident enough not to mention that. They never mention it anywhere in Hong Kong.. but I prefer my steak medium. I think it's perfect.. my girlfriend likes medium rare and so do most of my family members and friends.. i don't think I know anyone who likes it done well actually.. I know people who don't mind it raw! gross!! And to answer you question about how to cook the steak.. I do like to cook steak at home.. quality steak and throw it on the grill you almost can't go wrong and restaurants charge a phenomenal fee for steaks..