Dogs life

August 16, 2009 7:08am CST
A poor dog by the roadside was shivering in cold after being wet from the rain.Nobody was even bothered to see that poor little doggy.Suddenly I saw a small girl came and took that poor thing to a sheltered place and wiped it out.Also she put a small cloth on its body and left some meat for him to eat.This dog life Gosh.......
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• Pamplona, Spain
16 Aug 09
Hi ravirai86, Nice story about the little dog and such a thoughtful little girl. Little dogs are abandoned every day in the world all over ths place so I think this little girl will grow up to a very kind person. Little dogs, big dogs, they all need so much and we really need them too. I cannot have pets here where we live but I still love little dogs and big dogs. Mainly because I grew up with Dogs of all sizes too.
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
a cute little story.. kids are much thoughtful when it comes to taking care of pets, don't they?