How do you get your WOW addicted spouse to lay off the war-crack?

August 16, 2009 8:05am CST
The past 4 years he has spent endless hours on that game, even dragging me into it as well, I have a few characters though none above level 60 and this is over a span of 4 years! he has 2 level 80's and so many other high level characters. I have tried uninstlling the game, suggesting we go out and do something, pulled my hair out, stomped my feet and taken tantrums! I have been late for appointments and missed out on things because of this. He even eats in front of it! Should I still be attempting to break the addiction or should I just let him be and go do my own thing? I fail to become addicted to the game and fear it is affecting his health, I am thinking that once we have kids then he will give it up but then I am still so afraid that he won't. I can't just leave him there! any suggestions to reverse the addiction?
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@diamania (7028)
• Netherlands
16 Aug 09
Add the IP and the url to a host file in your computer and he will receive an error message... I bet his WoW adventure won't be as wow anymore.
• Canada
16 Aug 09
I never knew about such a thing :)
• United States
30 Aug 09
I agree, try to find some way to disconnect the computer. Then he'll be forced to live a few days normally so he can notice living life isnt so bad without a video game.
• China
19 Aug 09
This game is very great let me so fascinated
• Malaysia
16 Aug 09
Sorry to hear that. I think when he gets addicted, its difficult to break it. I was addicted once to Starcraft but I came out of it.