Going away in September, what would you do?

August 16, 2009 11:22am CST
I'm going 5 hours away from home for University. It's all new and exciting but yet very scary. I know other people going but nobody from my main circle of friends and definately not my boyfriend. I'm confused as to what to do about the boyfriend as I do really like him, but I dislike long distance relationships. What would you do and what do you think about this new stage in life?
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• United States
16 Aug 09
Hi, I'm going away to college in September too. None of my good friends are going either. Right now, though it's still a month away, I'm already scared and nervous. My college is three hours away but my mother probably will insist on driving me home most weekends but it wouldn't be the same not being able to see my friends and family so often. Still, I think it would be a fun experience and in four years we'll be able to come home. Good luck to us.