Is Shah Ruk's detention at US Airport blown out of proportion?

@krupesh (2608)
August 16, 2009 11:28pm CST
I think the security officilas have done thier duty in grilling him.Whats wrong with that?He may be a celebrity here but people should accept that he is also a human.The security officials would have got the nod to grill the people with muslim names from the Government.Whats wrong ? Your thoughts?
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@rashmie (948)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Aug 09
Security officer may have done their duty by grilling him as you said but what were their duty. They may have let him go after just a short frisk. But they have done something that is highly deplorable. Have we forget the treatment that we gave to their stars and singers? We should demand the same from them. And then, SRK was not a general person or may be aam aadmi, he was a star and his authenticity could have been checked within minutes then why they took two hour to let him go. I don't know whether there was any communal angle or not, but, yes, the issue has not been blown out of proportion.
@pkc3000 (1266)
• India
18 Aug 09
HELLO krupesh I think you are right. I fully agree with the views of one of my mylot friend subha12. After 9/11 incidence they are taking all sorts of precaution to avoid or repeat the incidence. I think they are doing their routine security check up. In India no doubt SRK is a big icon and celebrity but obviously in America he is just like ordinary man but at the same time US authority should behave properly when immigration officer and also promoter is recognising SRK. I think subha12 is correct media has given this incidence as publicity but not SRK. pkc3000
@UmiNoor (4341)
• Malaysia
17 Aug 09
When I read the news about Shah Rukh Khan being detained by airport officials in the United States, I was like eh? This could happen to someone as famous as him. Doesn't his so-called "people" inform the "people" in the United States that he was coming. Come on. It's totally impossible that he travels alone without an entourage at least he must bring along his manager. Anyway, I respect the security officials in the US in carrying out their duties. Even though SRK is a famous celebrity they still grill him like any ordinary people.
• India
17 Aug 09
This shouldn't have happened to a global icon like Shah Ruk khan.People all over the world know him now.I heard that some people in that airport also recognized him,then why were security officials being so rude to him.I wonder if they would have acted in the similar manner if it was some one who was not a muslim,a Hollywood star perhaps.Harassing some one like Shah Ruk khan that to on our independence day was really sad.
@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
17 Aug 09
I agree with you. The U.S. Security People follow the rules strictly . They have very strict rules when it comes to the national security. In India, we dont have the system. If there is fame and name people can go without any checks. I dont see anything wrong detaining SRK or Big B. Recently the Continental Airways (U.S) frisked former President APJ and he never made it an issue. Years back the then Defence Minsiter of India George Fernandez was grilled and Frisked by U.S.Officials at New York.These are all routine check ups. In my observation in India the Government or the officials are not concerned about the security of the life and the property of People. For Example, immediately after Mumbai Terror attacks 26/11, here in Bangalore the police made temporary check post and checked most of the vehicles for one week. After one week, these check post became the place for reading newspapers and now this is disappeared. How many terrrorist strikes we have seen in the previous years. But what about U.S. After 9/11 even a single one is reported. That is the difference and that is why the checkings.
@subha12 (18449)
• India
17 Aug 09
I think it may be hyped in media, but there was something in it. If some celebrity like SRK faces this, what about common people?