Starting a New Discussion: DIffcult or Easy - Please explain with Reasons

August 17, 2009 2:24am CST
Perhaps this has been asked a number of times, but I think this would remain an important question for everyone. Members would always like to start discussion which would see a lot of responses. So how does one go about starting a discussion, should he just start a discussion randomly, or on a topic with which he/she is well versed. Hope we will learn from each other responses..
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@Archie0 (4667)
17 Aug 09
Starting a new disccussion topic is not difficult or something you call as reall very tough.I think when you start a disscusion all you need is a right topic of people's intrest a topic on which people can easily answer or a topic of total intrest we can't talk only of our own country or religion over here where not everyone will like to answer as such, but if you make a topic on general intrest i think people will surely answer to it.