How to get what you want?

@ongtina (1232)
August 17, 2009 5:07am CST
How do you get what you really want from your spouse? Do you go gentle and meek/nice to request for something or do you forcefully/angrily, can't bother what the other feel and just get it/do it your way? I'm a housewife and hence am dependent financially on my husband. Usually I go along with my husband's wishes and not have things, even if I like them. BUT, I got fed up of always forgoing my wants and finally, 2 to 3 weeks ago, I simply tell my husbaand that I want a laptop and gave an estimated price and told him he was to pay for it when I managed to bid for one that's of the price said( of course it is a very low pricc). He didn't give an answer ( most possibly didn't think I'll be able to get one with that price ) and I went ahead and bid for one. HA!HA! NOW I have my very own laptop. I had looked around ( and was certain i can get one ) before I told him. That's the good of internet, my husband doesn't net! I'm happy and satisfied even though the laptop is second-hand. It is in very good condition. How do you get what you like if you are dependent on others financially?
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@aprces (1082)
• China
17 Aug 09
economic independence is really most of asian county,man is in the charge of earning money,woman is in the charge of cooking and be a house wife.they have both good benefit and bad benefit,i can explain it clearly man alway wants to control everything,but once a woman got her own economic independence,man will got unhappy,but woman must be behave in a sweet and helpless way? i found woman especially who depends on man always likes to keep up with other woman.there's a strange thing that A really economic independence woman will not do this it's hard to make it clear,on one hand,man wants woman to become more weaker just like a bird,on the other hand,man wants woman to become rich and that will not let himself take more,but once a woman become rich and then she is a strong woman or a superwoman
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@ongtina (1232)
• Singapore
19 Aug 09
The thing you say about dependent women wanting or like to keep up with other women!!!! I don't agree, at least that's not me. I don't like to mix with other women or men and asked them about their personal happenings. I just want to be happy, be responsible, do my part well as mother or wife. But I need a break and need to unwind. Chatting here is a way because it doesn't intrude into my life as we don't see each other and yet, we can voice out as needed ( then we will not burst/erupt/explode/ or whatever you want to call it ). LOL
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@anurag3786 (6273)
• India
1 Nov 09
I think those people are very lucy who get that he want.. but yet i don't get my dream think.. but i am try to get it..