Survey Sites - Some Good Some Bad

@js0107 (25)
United States
August 17, 2009 10:06am CST
Hi Mylot users, I have been doing a lot of surveys lately, especially the ones which have Paypal as payment, because cheque payments take forever and also the cost of driving to the nearest bank to deposit a smaller valued cheque can actually be higher than the cheque value itself. Globaltestmarket promised to pay by Paypal starting June 30, but they seem to have pushed it till the end of the year and who knows whether that too will be true!!! They have now started Sweepstakes and have started getting free opinions. QuickRewards - This is the main site where I love doing their dailysurveys. They respond to emails within 24 hours though the payments sometimes can take over 24 hours. GreenField - These guys seem to have become the cheapest. They now offer 40 min surveys as $1 or even worse as Sweepstakes, where the client would pay them atleast $15 - $20 per completion. Dollarsurveys - This is a site for which I do surveys daily because they pay by Paypal, but really I don't seem to understand why they take forever to pay. Earlier I used to get paid atleast once in a week, but from the past 3 weeks it seems intermittent. Last week I did not get paid, but on another forum a user got paid atleast $3. Now this week seems to be even more bad. I am waiting for the payment but have not been paid. Has anyone been paid for the surveys done from between 10-Aug-2009 and 16 Aug -2009. Contacting these guys will never get you a reply. They seem to be getting more and more greedy. They get paid from the survey company and in turn scam the users. I would like to contact ESOMAR and BBB about this site and shut down their activities. There are several forums where users are crying foul. What do you guys think
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• India
17 Aug 09
hi dear friend very good and i think it is nice to share these things because it will be helpful who dont have any idea about these site thank you have a nice dear
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