Why do we call a marriage contract a marriage "contract"?

@Lucky09 (1771)
August 17, 2009 11:34pm CST
Many of my married friends were kidding that since it is called a contract then there should be a duration and it should be renewable when you think that your relationship with your spouse is worth to be continued. Do u agree? or why not use another word instead of the word "contract"?
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
18 Aug 09
I actually believe in a contract but not in the way it is...I think any two people living together these days should have a contract made up as to what each bring into the relationship so if the relationship ends then it is easy to work out who owns what...I think marriage as is today is pretty useless as a lot of people are just staying together for financial reasons...one only has to look at Judge Judy to see no matter what sort of a relationship there should be a contract.. for marriage a contract of ownership of what you owned before the marriage and a certificate of love....I have this opinion because I started paying off my place when I was very young and not married and every man I have ever known has really had nothing so I think people who are wise when single in this way should be protected....
@Lucky09 (1771)
• Philippines
18 Aug 09
you are right when u say that marriage is becoming useless nowadays since it is only for necessity not because of love. and i have known a lot of people who are not married but are together for more than 15 years and with children. they have what we called a family.
• China
18 Aug 09
I am a person like freedom ,i think that i can tolarate the marrage that havenot the contract ,the marrage is just like a belief between two persons,belive it ,it will be good.
• Philippines
27 Nov 09
Lol..They have a good point of view as i myself think of marriage as a fantasy it only happen for the sake of formality as when thins is bound for break up even marriage is a useless paper which is invented by man. Since it is a contract it should have an expiration though here in our country divorce is not allowed and yet annulment exist. I think the one who could decide for an expiration should be the partner involves if they think love die they should be free to let go without too much hassles or delay which is very absence in the married policy here in our country. Being marriage is not a reliable contract that could not be broken lasting relationship depend on the length of time, loving and caring unconditionally.
@lordz00 (20)
21 Aug 09
marriage contract is only a term out of formality, two people inlove don't need a proof that they are inlove, but because we are living in a world of reality, things that are cannot be seen, means it doesn't exist. It is only called a marriage contract as to proved that two people had given each other the right for each other because there are certain things a married couple can do, and has given the authority to do, than with an unmarried couples can. It is called contract i suppose as whilst you were both are married your are allowing your partner to share everything what you have (everything is conjugal when you are married) its like signing a job contract, and once it has ended (divorce) your job of being a husband or wife is no longer valid and so is your right of being a wife or a husband. ever wonder why there is no child contract. LOL
• United States
19 Aug 09
Well, i supose if you wre to phrase it as "life long contract" in would clear up some of that confusion. Granted, in todays world, it seems to wind up that way less and less. I supose there are other terms that could be used, such as agreement, promise or oath. Though maybe contract is the appropriate word, as when a marriage ends, there are generaly legal ramifications.