can you recall your first heartbreak?

@dhymhy (24)
August 18, 2009 9:00am CST
Ei guys, I don't want tears streaming down your cheeks but I have a question, can you still recall the very first time you had your heart broken? gee, it hurt like hell and you felt like the world's closing in on you. well, i felt that way a couple of months ago. i've been in a very long term relationship (very long as in 7 years). he was my first bf and we had it real ok until he found a job hours from where i was working. it was going well in the beginning but after a month, something felt wrong but i was not worried because i felt so secured. then 5 months after we started our long distance relationship, he came to me and told me that he found someone new. i was caught by surprise because there were no preliminaries. i never had an idea nor a clue as to what was happening. well, it happened and i felt like my heart turned to ice then it broke into a million pieces. i cried my eyes out, lost appetite, lost weight, etc.. i made a fool of myself because i thought that he would come back. damn, was i dumb but then they say love makes you do foolish things. what added to the insult was that he made me feel like he was coming back .. he gave me false hopes.. i was like a spare tire and i felt like he and his new gf conspired to make me look like crap... oh well, it really was one hell of a heartbreak.. i've shared mine.. how 'bout yours?:P
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@pumared (514)
• Bulgaria
5 May 10
i can not.