Music Lovers Unite

United States
August 18, 2009 12:56pm CST
Why has myspace music turned into the place where every single artist that has a myspace is looking to get signed. I am sure that it has worked a few times but nowadays, I seriously doubt that record companies are sitting at their moniters looking to find the next big thing on a Mmyspace page. I really enjoy a good live concert and if I miss it, I am glad that Youtube and myspace videos are there so that people everywhere anytime can enjoy the performance, the problem is it seems like people put way too much focus (or perhaps a better word is trust or strength) in their myspace pages. I play the Saxophone and I went to a local jazz club the house band that was performing was great, I brought my axe as I always do, and I sat in on the group. I played the entire last 2 sets (which made the Horn player in the group happy because he could relax while another person did his job for him and he still probably got paid). After the night ended and everyone had their last drinks and the club was closing down I spent some time chatting with the band. I let them know that I was very impressed with them and how much I enjoyed the show. I exchanged telephone numbers and email addresses with some of the people in the group while one lone Ranger had nothing but his myspace that he kept touting over. When I got home I added the email addresses to my Outlook contact lists along with the telephone numbers and websites but when I saw the myspace I was so repulsed, if it were a band site I would understand all of the promotion hunting that was on the page but ridiculous amount of self promotion was rather disgusting I was completely turned off because i do not want to watch this guy playing drums in his underwear while he is eating cereal, playing drums on the bus with head phones on, videos of this guy twirling drumsticks, playing bongos on his girlfriends chest and the list goes on... All that but what was missing was any contact information. If there is anyone else that sees the over use of a myspace becoming a sad scene for music than I am not alone, I really do not have anything about myspace music I just wish people were not so dependent on it.
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