Trivially adverse effects of myLot!

August 18, 2009 2:44pm CST
This topic has come to me purely because I keep suffering from a trivially adverse effect caused by myLot. But before I get to that I shall explain what I mean by this (just in case my play on words is confusing...they usually are!) A trivially adverse effect is an effect that isn't serious but is caused by myLot. Whatever has been effected is probably something kind of meaningless that you do on a daily basis, and it has to be foiled purely because you spending too much time on myLot, or thinking about myLot. (You could probably include more serious things if you wanted, but I am sort of imagining that there aren't to many serious side effects of the site, so I decided not to ask that!) But yea, as an example. My trivially adverse effect caused by myLot has been a decided decrease in my scores on Bejewelled Blitz which I play on facebook. Yesterday, before I joined myLot, I was actually doing really well, spotting moves and initiating them to come close to beating my even more pre-myLot high score. Well today, now that I am on here and doing these as well as playing, I just can't concentrate because I am always wondering of what I can add here, how I should phrase things, what people might have asked that I can answer, etc.! And so my lack of concentration has completely ruined my Bejewelled playing today, and ended up causing me to think up this topic! So, have you had any adverse effects on myLot since you joined (the more trivial the better - because mine more definitely is trivial!) Dranz
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@KrauseHome (36750)
• United States
19 Aug 09
Well, personally myLot can be trivial in this way and can be stressful if you look at it in the ways you are looking at it. Personally you can set yourself a Goal everyday of how much you want to post in here, and what time of day you want to post in here, and try to stick with it, but then like many of us here there is a life besides myLot as well, so most of us come here as we can and hope for the Best as well.
8 Sep 09
Hi Krause, After these 3 weeks it took to comment (many many apologies for that ) I can happily report that Bejewelled is no longer an adverse effect, save for perhaps the fact I stop using it all together lol! I have also avoided setting goals and times to come on here as that would stress me out. I have decided to use freedom and just come on whenever I want and do as much as I want. It is nicer that way and keeps the life outside mylot in tact too. Hopefully it will ensure there will be no adverse effects now Many thanks for the reply Dranz