How people live with kidney problems

@ritika02 (214)
August 18, 2009 5:23pm CST
There are so many people in this world who are sufering from kidney problems and live their life with the hope that one day they will be normal like others. many people are unaware about their problems of kidney, if you feel that you hav any problem then go to your doctor and get test of your blood and urine, the only way to know about your problem is to visit your doctor. there are some symptom by which you can get know about your problem like your urine may be buddy and foamy and it also can be pale and greater amount than usual. you also may feel pressure before going.and your urine also can contain blood. urine test is important because by urine test we come to know about all problems in our body easily. and another symtom is swelling in your body and your skin would be rashing and itching also there are some symtom by which any one can come to know about kidney problems
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@paula27661 (15871)
• Australia
19 Aug 09
I have a close friend who is living with nine percent kidney function and is awaiting a kidney transplant from her sister. In the meantime she is being monitored very carefully and has had a fistula put in her arm in case she needs emergency dialysis. She was born with small kidneys and their function deteriorated over the years. She has very itchy skin and periods of nausea and vomiting. Here’s hoping her transplant will go well and improves the way she feels. Did you know that a new kidney can only last an average of eight years or so?
@agv0419 (3027)
• Philippines
19 Aug 09
Kidney disease is common these days because of the bad diet and neglect of their condition. Dialysis is very expensive they said that it is the illness of the rich. It is painful and pitiful to see patients that undergoing dialysis. Urine test can detect if you have kidney disease or UTI infection. Sometimes UTI if neglected can be fatal and the infection go to kidney. We should observed our urine and if we feel something in our body we should consult a doctor for early detection.
19 Aug 09
bro can u tell me y kidney get enlarged
@yogambal_64 (1016)
• India
19 Aug 09
A very good discussion, yes I myself know many people who have kidney problems, kidney stones and so on.As you said many do not undergo proper check ups and are unaware of their plight. It is good to go for a urine check up in case you feel any discomfort. Kidney replacement is very common these days but to get adapted to the new one replaced takes a long time for the patient also. Consumption of lot of water helps avoiding any kind of kidney problem.
@kawalnarang (1095)
• Trinidad And Tobago
18 Aug 09
Good ideas,thanks,, but do u believe that if u are sick or not ,,the Doc must write some medication for u,,then u go to the pharmacy,, and take meds,, for a long time to come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway kidney and other organs,, whatever ,, do take care,, from the time u know u might be sick,,,,,,