Have what you dreamed in the night come ture or helped you?

August 18, 2009 7:46pm CST
Here,dream means the dream that happened when you fall asleep. Some people say dream can tell the future. And many news say somebody's dream help him survive. Have what you dreamed come ture or helped me. It didn't happened to me, but it happened to my aunt. My aunt like to buy lottery ticket. On night , he dreamed a dream. He dreamed a snake that biting its tail. She buy ticket the next day ,she bought snake 10. And it happened to be the right answer. I don't know if this is coincidence. But it really happened. Did your dream helped you or come ture someday? I think dream is too mystery. Tell me about your story.
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@Zayviar (10)
• China
19 Aug 09
Hi I agree with your opinion,there are so many examples like your aunt does ,and many people has the strange dream but seems like real,the typical one was that a woman dreamed a accident happens on the plane which she would get tomorrow,after the dream she gave up getting to the plane,and then the accident happened later,so she just save herself,all people didn't believe her at first. well for me,I haven't have a dream like that,but i believe dreams could help us to see what you are and what the others are that deep in side of your mind ,for example,you make a dream you are attacking someone you know,but you can't hit him whatever you try,after the dream you don't even believe you was trying to hit the man,but you still confused with the relationship between you,maybe you don't trust him,and you follow the feeling to figure out the truth,it help a lot,I thought I was lazy,weak and didn't consider much,I try to change myself many times,and it work :) anyway,dreams are ummm..useful :P whatever you think dreams are,just try to do something about the idea from dreams,finally you will find dreams are wonderful ! happy mylotting!