what are your topics of interest to respond on mylot ?

@aweins (4200)
August 19, 2009 12:49am CST
i like to respond to the discussions which are on life, food , snacks items like burgers, french fries, health, rain . these are some of my regular fav interest topics. but sometimes i find some other interesting topic i respnd to that too. what topics do you find interesting to respond ? your liking towards some which you clik everytime you come, please share.
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@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
19 Aug 09
I do same as you do I don't like politics I feel every body as different idea so I don't like to get write about them.But all the all the other stuff O.K. food animals and everything elese. cd
• United States
19 Aug 09
The topics I usually explore on mylot is life, student, and making money. I also like the topic of weight loss but it doesn't get updated often. When I run out of new topics in those discussions, then I usually check out the new discussions. Happy Mylotting
@ckyera (17342)
• Philippines
19 Aug 09
hello aweins! i don't really have any particular interest that i'd like to respond to...as long as i have knowledge, idea or experience regarding the topic, as long as i feel like i have something to say, then i respond...but usually i find myself browsing in questions & answers...topics regarding family, relationship, love...sometimes even on religion topics...i like topics that i can relate to...