Are there any real reality shows?

@Stegeo3 (199)
United States
August 19, 2009 10:25am CST
Do you think there are any reality shows that actually capture the true personalities of its participants? Or, do you think that all reality shows are prescribed?
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• Malaysia
22 Sep 09
I think some are just obvious that they are scripted in order to make the challenges more interesting to gain more viewers. However, if reality shows like 'The Biggest Loser' or 'Amazing Race', I do not think that there are scripted though. They really show the true personalities of the participants.
@keishap (11)
• United States
21 Aug 09
I watch Kendra and her personality on the show seems real. But shows like Real Chance of Love and all other looking for love shows, I don't think that the whole thing is real. I believe that the outcome is staged and you know people just come on these shows for their fifteen minutes of fame. I also don't believe that these people are really looking for love because every time they pick somebody, when time comes for the reunion even if they are still calling themselves a couple next thing you know they have a sequel out claiming that they are looking for love again. So I think everything is prescribed.
• United States
20 Aug 09
I think it depends on your definition of "reality show." Because there are shows on the cable networks like TLC, A&E and those channels that are based around real events, but I don't know that they are really reality shows. Shows like Intervention or L. A. Ink I don't think are scripted. I think there is a considerable amount of editing done to get just the right scenes included but what is shown is real. But the "game show" style reality shows where there are competitors and prizes and one final winner in the end, shows like the Bachelor, Survivor, Big Brother... I think there are people within those groups who are encouraged (maybe by getting more money?) by the producers to stir up the drama and trouble because that's what the people who watch those shows want to see.
• India
19 Aug 09
i would like to believe that all the reality shows are scripted without any doubt. there is too much melodrama and unrealistic things which happen in these shows that leave you scratching your head to believe. i am not sure if the reality tv is going in the right direction.