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United States
August 19, 2009 10:25am CST
do you consder mylots a couler i some times do some people give me good stuff some bad and some that makes no secen i got good avice from the guy firend vs boyfriend dissuection i got bad and ok from my mom is crazy help me plz discustion how about you do yo councter mylots a counler? I sometimes do.
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@DCLehnsherr (1041)
19 Aug 09
I just want to check, you are asking if we see myLot as a counsellor right? A person who you would go to in order to receive advice on important topics, like things to do with the mind and relationships? I think that is what you mean and if so this is my answer: I am not sure I will come to see myLot as a counsellor, but I will definitely be using the site to gain advice about things that are important to me. Mostly I ask about what people think about things because I don't know much about that in reality and don't have anyone to ask. For the more deep stuff I am unsure whether I will use myLot yet. I will give advice to people in those sorts of situations if I feel I can (I read your topic about your mum and decided I didn't know enough to answer) but I don't know if I will ever ask peopel those sorts of things myself. Not until I have settled in more anyway. From other members though I have come to understand that it is useful for them in that way so I don't think you are alone in using myLot like that and I am glad that it helps you, and I hope that you get some more good advice than bad in the future :) Dranz