Why don't I have a pagerank?

@chocsie (262)
August 19, 2009 10:48am CST
I made 2 blogs, one in December last year and one if February this year. When I tried to check my pagerank, it says N/A. They provided a few reasons why and one was it's new and not indexed by google yet. Is 9 months good enough or is my blog still considered "new"? The second reason was that it might be indexed but not ranked yet. If this is the case, when will it be ranked? And the third reason is that is was recognized as supplemental. What does this mean?? The last reason was that it might be banned by google but I'm using blogger and I don't think blogger is banned by google because a lot of blogger blogs have a PR. Can someone please help me? I really need to know how to improve my PR. Thanks!
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@scheng1 (24710)
• Singapore
20 Aug 09
Hi Chocsie, I stop worrying about pagerank long ago. My blog, started in Feb 09, started with PR0, then PR1, then PR2, and now dropped to PR0 again. But the number of traffic from search engines is quite constant. Since my blog posts are indexed, and the search engines do bring in readers, I dont really care about the blog page rank anymore. I think there are a few factors. One is the frequency of update. I used to update on daily basis, then drop to a few times a month. It's impossible to keep up with the daily updating. Another factor is the backlinking. I used to read other blogs, and comment on the blogs. In return the bloggers also leave a comment in my blog. I stop that too. Unless anyone posts a comment in my blog, otherwise I wont read their blogs. When my blog was PR2, the number of readers from search engines wasn't great. Now that my blog is PRO, the number of readers from search engines increase, but the number of readers from social network drops.