Do you value relations?

@dhawanbm (3705)
August 19, 2009 12:12pm CST
Its very imp to value your relations and they are near and dear ones. Some of them are about to take a u turn when you approach in times of distress doesnt matter!
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@cindyhxf (1447)
• China
19 Aug 09
i value the relations which i think it is worth of value.but not all .it depend on what relation we have.
@Swaana (1208)
• India
19 Aug 09
Relations, never end on a single day, and all at the same time, it doesnot start on a single day too. One have to do a lot of additions and subtractions in their life to start, nurture and maintain a healthiy relationship with others. All that we need to have is lot of patience. But yes, when after lots of nurturing, it takes a U turn and when that happens in times of distress, we really feel bad about our own selves. Still, we need strong heart to keep ourselves cool.
@malpoa (1218)
• India
19 Aug 09
Relations have an important role in peole's life. I do cherish the relation I have with my grandmother and some friends specifically. Grandma give unconditional love and impartial advices. we might have a lot of relatives and friends but we know their value and tru colour when we are in need. I do not bother to maintain relation with those who have turned their back to me in my hour of need. That is a complete waste of time and energy if I still relate to them...