House value decreasing, but more people buying house now

United States
August 19, 2009 3:58pm CST
I guess everyone knew that the real estate market was down, and the house value was decreasing on the last 8 months. Inversely, the house sale was increasing over the last two quarters. Because of foreclosure homes from the banks; and the help of government, authorized first time home buyer credit to those new home buyers. With all these factors, many people, especially younger folks were tempted to buy foreclosure homes in cheaper price. So, now it is the best to buy a house. Do you plan to purchase a house right now too?
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@lelin1123 (15634)
• Puerto Rico
20 Aug 09
No I'm hoping to sell my house by next year. I don't want a mortgage anymore. Its just to much to deal with when times are so hard economically. Its to much pressure and then I can't sleep at night thinking about it. Its making me sick in my stomach.
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
19 Aug 09
I do not live in the States and the house prices here are going up. But we have already paid for our house. If we were to move to the States, we could pay for a house at those cheap prices all at once, but the trouble is we are not moving to the States, not with the present government, and situation like a threatened depression down there. Besides my husband might have als and that would make it hard. But I think for those with money, now is the time to buy.
@kircho (493)
• Bulgaria
19 Aug 09
Right now, no. But if I have the possibility in the near future, I will, because like so many people, I want to have more than one house too. Thanks for sharing.