The stupid doctor said my grandfather doesn't have much time left

United States
August 19, 2009 7:05pm CST
He went to the doctor with a memory problem because of the brain surgery. It's nothing big, he forgets what the peanut butter is called and mixes up me and my brother's name from time to time (but so does our mother). My grandmother is all frantic, thinking he has Alzheimer. We went to one of those crappy places where they take the free health care plan for elders. The doctor was so impolite and didn't even bother to get down all the medications he's taking but only said he doesn't have much longer. He's healthier than most seventy-year olds and works in his garden everyday. Now I'm all mixed up. I don't trust the stupid opinion of some doctor but it's still a doctor's opinion
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@kittenclaus (1393)
• United States
20 Aug 09
It sounds like your grandfather needs to switch doctors or at least get a second opinion. So many doctors are just in a rush and get on to the next person I think they have lost their capacity to care. Shoot I forget things too but I don't think that means the end is near for me or that I have Alzheimers and even if he does there is medication out there now that is suppose to be able to help. Please keep the faith and tell your grandparents to do the same. He sounds very healthy so until a reliable Caring doctor tells you other wise I'm sure all will be fine.