Flip-side emoticons. (:

@boisson (256)
Hong Kong
August 20, 2009 8:57am CST
Hey again mylotters! (: I'm just interested, as I seem to be the only person who does this in my MSN contacts. Does anyone actually use the flip-side (left-handed) smiley emoticon here in regular conversations? (: And if you do, did you start with the normal :) Or just with this one straight away? (: I think I started as soon as I started using MSN Messenger. Somehow, that yellow smiley thing was just too ugly for me :3 So I started doign this (: intead. I'll be back soon! (: boisson.
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@kmaram (2534)
• Philippines
20 Aug 09
Hi there, well i dont used that but i find it cute. I always used the normal way of smile :) or sometimes =). But here in mylot you always see me with my thumbup emoticon. I put this always at the end of my discussion or response, keep on mylotting
@boisson (256)
• Hong Kong
20 Aug 09
Haha (: Thanks for replying. I don't have a 200 rank yet, so no thumbups from me :3