School is almost starting

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August 20, 2009 1:29pm CST
So I am freaking out over school starting mostly because of financial aid and because of the books. Now I've finally declared my major in English Literature and Writing because I got rejected from the musical theatre department. I guess I wasn't good enough. But more on that later. So this year I have three literature classes which will involve a lot of reading and writing. I have an Italian class and a Nutrition class. So I printed out the syllabus to one of my literature classes yesterday and today I am going over all the books that I will need. In total for that one class I will need six books. Thank god for libraries!!!!!! I just finished searching online through my library account and I was able to find all the six books. Unfortunately the library didn't have the Italian book or the Nutrition book I need and those two costs a tremendous amount! Now all I have to worry about are my other two literature classes. Hopefully the books I need for those two Lit classes I can also find in the library because that will help me tremendously this year. So I know that there are some college students here. So have any of you already started shopping for your books and are you checking the libraries like I am doing? For those who are not in college and have kids that are in college, how tough is it for you to pay for these books which cost an arm and a leg. And for everyone else that doesn't fall into neither of those two categories I just hope that you are all having a good day and wish me luck on this new semester because I will need it. ^_^
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20 Aug 09
I'm buying all my books. I don't know how to borrow books from the library for the whole semester. I'm starting to search for my textbooks already and it looks like I'll have to buy around 2 to 3 hundred dollars which isn't pretty bad compared to what I had in mind. Good luck to us on our first semesters
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24 Aug 09
It's easy and you can keep renewing the books up to five times. I still have these other two books to buy for two classes and together they come out to like two hundred dollars which sucks. I couldn't find those in the library but I'm going to see if I can rent them or something. Good luck to you ^_^