What do you think of the virtusphere? Seems pretty neat to me!

United States
August 20, 2009 1:58pm CST
Now for those that haven't a clue what it is you climb into a big physical ball and put on "goggles" and bam! You're in a kind of "virtual world", so to speak. You can look up, left, down, etc. with it. You can even walk around in it which will make you walk around in the virtual world. Not only that, but it has about a million uses already! From playing shooter games to using it as a walk-in virtual tour for people to know how a house will look, plus additional potential soon to be uses for people in training in various fields. It's also used as a kind of "tour guide" for those that don't really feel like traveling. You can read more about it surfing on google and find videos n' stuff! Thoughts about it, though? Think it's a neat invention?
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