Do Your Children Ride The School Bus?

School Bus - Bright orange or yellow school bus that takes the kids to and from school.
@devideddi (1436)
United States
August 20, 2009 7:44pm CST
We have always taken our daughter to and from school in the past. Now she is in grade 4 and we all want to try riding the bus. She is a shy timid girl and I am a little concerned she's going to get walked all over. I have heard some horror stories before about the kids on the bus with no supervision. Last year one of the boys in the neighborhood got his glasses broken while being shoved on purpose up against the window. Oh now Ive talked myself out of it again! lol Anyone had any troubles on the school bus before?
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@maezee (41508)
• United States
21 Aug 09
Yes! My little sister is 7, and is going into 2nd grade this year... She and her friends have experienced trouble on their bus in the past. I guess their bus-driver is a total push-over and just doesn't discipline the kids as well as he perhaps should. From what I hear, it gets pretty rowdy (and 1st - 8th graders take the SAME bus - I think this is pretty messed up if you ask me!), and a lot of the kids curse and throw things and do all that good stuff. I think you should let your daughter ride the bus, though. If she really wants to. While it might sound bad, you don't know that stuff like that happens all the time. It could have been a one-time scenario, and the bus-driver could be a different, more strict one than the last one. I think you should let your daughter experience it for herself. While riding the bus at school can be a huge pain (I rode it until 10th grade in high school! Quite horrible, actually) - it can also be a chance for your daughter to talk and sit with her friends, and to feel more like everyone else. I know that fitting in is a HUGE part of grade school, so I think you should at least give your daughter the option to do what a lot of the other kids do. If she doesn't like it, chances are she'll tell you and you can go back to driving her to school.